The Importance Of Spring AC Maintenance

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The Importance Of Spring AC Maintenance

Are you or someone you live with prone to bad allergies every spring? Sometimes it feels like you can never escape the pollen, even inside your home. To help cut down on particles that flare up your allergies from entering your air vents, be sure to schedule a spring AC maintenance and cleaning. This not only helps you prepare for allergy season, but the hot summer days in Virginia Beach as well.

Why Should I Service My System?

You may be thinking that if your HVAC system works just fine, why have it serviced or cleaned? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? Wrong! Just like how you have your car serviced and a doctor check up, your HVAC system requires spring maintenance. 

The frequent weather changes in the spring can put more stress on your system. If your system isn’t maintenanced during these weather changes, it can overload and cause a breakdown. The repairs may cause you to replace your system completely. An A/C breakdown in the middle of allergy season, or even worse – summer, is a nightmare. 

How Spring Maintenance Benefits You

First off, spring maintenance can improve your allergies. Pollen and other allergens can sneak into your home through an improperly working HVAC system or a dirty air filter. 

Maintenance can also save you money in the long run. Like upkeep on most things, it preserves the life of your system. Spring maintenance can help detect smaller issues before they become bigger problems. A broken system can be expensive depending on the repairs, and even more expensive if you need to replace it. If your system is working harder, it is using more energy which reflects on your utility bill. 

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Schedule Your $79 Spring A/C Tune-Up

Give us a call to perform your spring A/C maintenance. We will help make sure inside allergies and energy bills are kept at a minimum. We can also help your system avoid breaking down in the middle of summer. The groundhog may have seen his shadow and declared a longer winter, but by the looks of it spring is just around the corner here in Virginia Beach! 

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