How To Do A Heating System Safety Check

How To Do A Heating System Safety Check

13 point heating system safety check

  1. Visually inspected the heat exchanger for structural integrity
  2. Check the flame sensor to see if it is discolored.
  3. Check all safety switches for proper operation.
  4. Check all the exposed gas piping close to the furnace or RTU.
  5. Check the draft combustion motor for proper operation.
  6. Visually check the flue pipe for obstructions, pitch and structural integrity.
  7. Check the thermostat for proper mounting, location and setting.
  8. Check the flame for a steady blue tipped flame.
  9. Check the igniter for hot spots, take pictures.
  10. Check the amp draw of the blower motor.
  11. Check the temperature rise across the furnace 45-75 Deg. F.
  12. Check for the presence of carbon monoxide.
  13. Check the furnace’s air filter.  A dirty filter can reduce the unit’s efficiency by restricting needed air flow, and damage vital system components over time.

It is our pleasure to service your heating equipment. The list above is our services that will be performed during your heating safety inspection. During the inspection we will list results and our suggestions for you.

If you have any questions about Heating Safety Checks or would like to schedule one you can call or text (757) 436-3749.

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