HVAC Tips For Your Upcoming Thanksgiving Party

Preparing Your HVAC System For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! There is so much to look forward too – good food, family & friends, football, and more! So often, when preparing for a party, you mainly focus on the food, seating, entertainment, etc. But a lot of hosts completely forget about the make or break factor – the comfort of the home for your guests! In this post, we are going to share a few practical HVAC tips that will help you provide an unforgettable experience at your party.

Create A Comfortable Temperature

As more people arrive to your home for the party, the temperature will naturally increase in the house. And if you are cooking the food in the oven, this can cause it to be even warmer. So having control over the temperature in your home can help keep your guests comfortable.

We recommend turning your thermostat down before your guests arrive. This doesn’t necessarily mean turn on the A/C, but just turn it down so your furnace isn’t running to heat the home.

Other ways to ensure a comfortable environment:

  • Turn your ceiling fans on to keep air flowing
  • Open windows if it gets too hot
  • Bake all of your food before guest arrive so oven can cool off
  • Offer cold and warm drinks

Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Now that you’ve got a game plan for keeping your guest comfortable without being too hot or too cold – it’s time to talk about the indoor air quality. No one wants to attend a party in a home that feels dirty. There are a few steps of action to take ahead of time to ensure that the air in your home is clean.

Change Your Air Filter – Though we believe you should do this every single month – we understand that it can be easy to forget! So before your guests arrive, be sure to change your air filter. This will help cycle clean air throughout the system and will help capture the dirt & debris that goes airborne when your guests are at the party. Which will help save you time when cleaning the house afterwards!

Dust Off Your Fan Blades & Furniture – If you plan to have your fans slowly running to help control the temperature, be sure to dust off the blades before hand! Fan blades are prone to gathering dust. You’ll notice cleaner, healthier air by keeping them dusted off and clean. Not to mention, if people are looking at your fan and it’s covered in dust, they may start to question the air they are breathing!

Seek Indoor Air Quality Solutions – There are a number of ways to greatly improve the overall indoor air quality in your home, and Hybrid Air can help! Our team of Virginia Beach indoor air quality experts can help with things such as:

If you are interested in learning more about our indoor air quality services, contact us today!

Get Your HVAC System Tuned-Up

This time of year, it’s important to have your system checked for proper operation. Before having anyone over to your house, have a licensed and trained HVAC technician come take a look at your system to make sure everything is working correctly. It is important to check for carbon monoxide leaks, and other potential dangers before heavily utilizing your gas furnace.

For a limited time, Hybrid Air is offer a $79 heating system tune-up! (Click Here To Claim Offer)

Most Importantly – Enjoy The Party!

The most important party of having company over is to enjoy quality time with them! With all that’s been going on over the past couple years, it’s important to cherish every little moment spent with friends and family. We understand that hosting a successful Thanksgiving party can be stressful, but try to remember to unwind a little bit and enjoy the party!

From the entire team at Hybrid Air – we hope you have a happy & healthy Thanksgiving! 

Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

As the weather begins to shift from warm to cool here in the coastal Virginia area, homeowners are beginning to switch over from using air conditioning to using heating. With this time of year – you may find yourself needing to use both on some days. But for many homeowners, it will be the first time they’ve turned on their furnace since last winter or spring. Sometimes, when you turn your system back on, it may not operate properly.

In our last post, we discussed the importance of routine furnace maintenance. However, in this article we are going to show you several reasons why your furnace may be blowing cold air instead of that cozy warm air that you expect.

5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Working Correctly

  1. Incorrect thermostat settings: during times of the year where your thermostat is frequently being switched up and down, it can mess with some of the settings needed to ensure proper operation. Check your thermostat fan setting and make sure that it is set to AUTO instead of ON. When the thermostat is set to ON, it means that the fan will constantly run without providing heat. It is important to not have the fan set to ON, because it can cause costly furnace repair.
  2. Your furnace is overheated: if you have not recently changed your air filter, the burner in your furnace may have shut down. The reason this is caused is because the old clogged air filter compromises the air flow, causing the furnace to overheat. Be sure to change your air filter routinely.
  3. Pilot light has gone out: If you have an older gas furnace that requires a continuous pilot light, it may have gone out. There are many reasons why this could happen. Most often, it’s because of a gust of air that blew it out. You can relight the pilot light yourself if you feel comfortable with it. Here is a video that shows you how to light your furnace pilot light.
  4. Leaking ductwork: this is a very common cause of discomfort in your home. If you have ripped or leaky ducts in your attic or crawl space, you may be experiencing cool or cold air in the home when you are running your furnace. Additionally, this can cause high energy bills. If you suspect ripped ducts, contact a professional for professional ductwork repair.
  5. Faulty electronic ignition: if you have an electric furnace, which is more common in newer homes, you may have a faulty electronic ignition – which causes the furnace to not operate correctly. This problem is more difficult to solve than the pilot light, and require a professional HVAC repair technician.

Contact Hybrid Air Today

If you are experiencing or suspect any of these signs, contact the team at Hybrid Air today. We offer Virginia Beach furnace repair and can help get your system up and running again. Additionally, our platinum membership agreement can ensure that your system stands the test of time and continues working correctly throughout the years.

To schedule service, call our office at (757) 436-3749 or request service online.

5 Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

Summer is winding down and tourist season is finally over here in Coastal Virginia, which means one thing – Fall is just around the corner! We know that some locals are sad to say goodbye to the warm weather and waves, but are excited to escape some of the heat and humidity – we are too! With cooler weather arriving, it is important to begin thinking about getting your residential heating system tuned up and ready to keep your house warm and cozy. In this post, we are going to explain 5 reasons why furnace maintenance is important.

For a limited time, get your residential heating system tuned-up for just $79.99!

How Does A Gas Furnace Work?

Before we can fully dive into why you keep your furnace maintained and operating correctly, it’s important to understand how a furnace works. There are 5 crucial steps in the operation of a furnace, all equally important.

  • Step 1: The thermostat signals to the furnace to begin warming the home
  • Step 2: Natural gas is ignited in the furnace burner
  • Step 3: Ignition of the burner begins
  • Step 4: The furnace starts filtering good air from the combustion waste
  • Step 5: Distribution begins, then the process is repeated

If any of these steps malfunction, it can result in no warm air, and, possibly lead to costly repairs! Having understood this, it is important to know why routine maintenance is important.

Ensure System Efficiency

Different parts of your furnace wear down quicker than others, especially when they are used extensively, as many homeowners tend to do. For example, your air filter. The furnace relies on the air that is pulled to heat it, and then push the air through the home. When the air filter is clogged, your furnace will have to work much harder to pull the air through it, which not only wears down different components of your furnace, but decreases the efficiency of your system.

Decrease Risk of Furnace Failure

Having a professional furnace maintenance company, such as Hybrid Air, check your unit once a year means they can catch any parts that are worn down and can get them replaced before it effects the entire system. Our team will lubricate parts that need it, and check the electrical wiring. It is important to have a professional do this routine maintenance to your furnace at least once a year because they can identify when things are about to fail, or it they are good to go for the heavy usage in fall and winter.

Save On Repair Costs

It happens almost every year, homeowners will fail to get their furnace or heating system tuned up and ready for the year, and then the first time they go to turn it on.. it doesn’t work! Then they’ll have to spend money on costly furnace repairs just to feel comfortable in their home. This shouldn’t be the case! By having routine maintenance done on your system, you will be able to prevent spending money on costly repairs & replacements. At Hybrid Air, our maintenance plans come with bi-annual tune-ups, which can help prevent system failure!

Extend the Lifespan of the Furnace

Purchasing a new gas furnace is a hefty investment, but with time, it is necessary. By having routine maintenance conducted to your existing furnace, you are able to prevent having to install a new furnace before you need to. Let’s keep that furnace running for as long as it can so that you can get the more money out of your furnace purchase.

Keep Your Family Safe

This is the most important reason of all! Did you know that furnaces are designed to release carbon monoxide in the exhaust? This is part of it’s normal operation! When operating properly, it will vent the carbon monoxide through an exhaust pipe to the outside of your home. It is important to have a licensed professional check to make sure it isn’t leaking into the home. Additionally, we encourage any homeowner with a gas furnace to invest in a carbon monoxide detector!

Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance Today

Are you ready to get your furnace tuned up before the cold weather gets here? Contact Hybrid Air today! Our Virginia Beach furnace repair experts can help get your furnace ready for the heavy demand. Thinking it might be time to replace your furnace? We’ve got you covered! We offer professional furnace replacement services that come with industry leading warranties & best-in-class installation!

image of a homeowner cleaning their air vents

4 Signs You Need Air Duct Repair

How To Tell When Your Air Ducts Aren’t Performing Properly

When the air ducts in your home are in need of repair and aren’t performing properly, it isn’t always noticeable to the untrained eye. This is mainly because your HVAC air ducts are typically located either in your attic, or in your crawlspace – depending on how your house was built. However, there are other ways of identifying that your ducts are causing issues with the performance of your HVAC system that you can be on the lookout for.

Now more than ever, homeowners are thinking twice about the indoor air quality in their homes. With so many places out in public at risk to be exposed to airborne diseases, your home is the last place you want to be exposed to unhealthy air. That is why in this article, we are going to show you 4 common signs you need air duct repair.

Visible Dirt and Dust Around Air Vents

One of the most common signs of needed air duct repair is built up dirt and dust around the air vents in your home. Most air vents are either located in the ceiling or on the floor, depending on how your HVAC system in configured. When you notice dirt on your air vents, this is a clear sign that your ducts have been compromised!

If you spot dirt or dust on or around your vents, your family may be getting exposed to:

  • Allergens
  • Fungus
  • Molds
  • Airborne Diseases

The side effects of these elements blowing through your system and into the air you breathe can be costly to not only your utility bills – but also your health. Typically, dust and debris is caught in the air filters that you change frequently. But by spotting dirt around your vents, this means that these elements are getting into your HVAC system, which can result in costly repairs if not treated properly.

If you notice dirt or dust on your air vents, contact Hybrid Air to come take a look. Our team will help find the cause of the problem and identify a solution!

Unexpected Increase in Energy Bills

Here in south Hampton Roads, we have certain seasons where homeowners can naturally expect seasonal spikes in utility bills. Typically, this occurs during the heat of summer (when you are running your AC system more often) and in the winter (when you are running your heating system more often).

But if your utility bills seems abnormally high during other times of the year, or is much higher than comparable months in previous years, this may be an indication that your air ducts aren’t performing properly. As a result, the system is having to work harder to cool/heat your home to the desired temperature.

An easy way to spot this is to go up into your attic or crawlspace and feel the air. For example, if you are running your AC system, and the climate in your attic is cooler than the rest of the house, then you mostly likely have ripped or leaking ducts – which is causing the air to flow into the attic or crawlspace, instead of to the vents.

Uneven Temperatures Throughout The Home

In a perfect world, when your system is running, all of your rooms should feel the same. If your air ducts are working properly, all of your rooms should be receiving an even amount of air flow. An easy way to check this is to go around to each of your vents in the home and place your hand or foot over the vent to feel the air flow. If one or more vents are not receiving the same amount of air coming out, this may be a sign that you have ripped or disconnected ducts.

Additionally, if you have built up dust or debris in your ducts, as mentioned in the first section of this article, you may be experiencing blockage in a particular duct that is preventing air from flowing to that room.

Poor Air Flow From HVAC System

Poor air flow can occur for a few different reasons. Some of the causes of low air flow can be:

  • Broken duct seals
  • Cracks or tears in duct work
  • Disconnected or crushed ducts
  • Debris or built up blockage

If your ducts are oversized, undersized, or improperly installed, these issues can occur more commonly. When this happens, the air flow can be over or underpowered, which results in poor performance in the way the air is delivered throughout the home.

Contact Us For Virginia Beach Air Duct Repair

If you are in need of Virginia Beach duct repair services, contact us today! We are experienced, local HVAC professionals that are ready to help you experience total home comfort and provide a breath of fresh air. Now more than ever, it is crucial to be cognizant of the air you are breathing and exposing your family to. If your ducts are ripped, improperly sized, or not working properly, our trained technicians can save the day! Contact our office at (757) 436-3749, or request service online today.

Image of a Generac generator

Benefits of a Whole-House Standby Generator

Homeowners in the Coastal Virginia area with whole-house generators understand the feeling of relief when a hurricane or nor’easter come through and take away power in the area. There are countless benefits to having backup power other than continuing to have working A/C, appliances, and electricity during a storm. In this post, we are going to show you why it might make sense for you to invest in a generator this year.

What Does a Whole-House Standby Generator Provide?

Having a standby generator for your home means that in the case of an unfortunate event of power outage caused by storm or other factors, you will have continual energy – allowing you to use lights, appliances, and electronic devices. Standby generators, which are also known as whole-house generators are bigger and more expensive than a portable generator, but come with more benefits.

A whole-house generator has the ability to power all of your home’s electrical needs — including your HVAC system, sump pump, water heater, and more! And though standby generators are typically use to provide power during an outage, you can also use it to power specific appliances based on your preference.

Here are some of the benefits of a whole-house generator.

  • Enhanced efficiency – Portable gas generators can only deliver limited power, since they rely on gas. Whole-house standby generators provide an unlimited amount of power since they connect to your home’s existing gas line.
  • Safety & security – Unlike portable gas generators, standby generators don’t release toxins or fumes into the air and can prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Additionally, they can provide lighting during a blackout, which can prevent accidents and injuries when navigating throughout the home.
  • Convenience – Whole-house standby generators turn on instantly when the power goes out, providing electricity for your essential appliances & HVAC system. This can prevent loss of food, hot water, plumbing, and more. Portable gas generators on the other hand, must be manually started and can’t always provide energy to certain appliances.

Save Money Down The Line By Purchasing a Standby Generator

While the upfront cost and installation of a whole-house generator can be fairly expensive, the investment will save you money over time in appliance repairs & pipe replacements in the case of a storm. During the winter time, if a snow storm claims your power, it can prevent pipes from freezing.

Keep you and your family safe, secure, and comfortable during this hurricane season by calling Hybrid Air for your Virginia Beach home generator installation! To request a quote, contact us online, or give our office a call at (757) 436-3749.


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