Benefits of a Whole-House Standby Generator

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Benefits of a Whole-House Standby Generator

Homeowners in the Coastal Virginia area with whole-house generators understand the feeling of relief when a hurricane or nor’easter come through and take away power in the area. There are countless benefits to having backup power other than continuing to have working A/C, appliances, and electricity during a storm. In this post, we are going to show you why it might make sense for you to invest in a generator this year.

What Does a Whole-House Standby Generator Provide?

Having a standby generator for your home means that in the case of an unfortunate event of power outage caused by storm or other factors, you will have continual energy – allowing you to use lights, appliances, and electronic devices. Standby generators, which are also known as whole-house generators are bigger and more expensive than a portable generator, but come with more benefits.

A whole-house generator has the ability to power all of your home’s electrical needs — including your HVAC system, sump pump, water heater, and more! And though standby generators are typically use to provide power during an outage, you can also use it to power specific appliances based on your preference.

Here are some of the benefits of a whole-house generator.

  • Enhanced efficiency – Portable gas generators can only deliver limited power, since they rely on gas. Whole-house standby generators provide an unlimited amount of power since they connect to your home’s existing gas line.
  • Safety & security – Unlike portable gas generators, standby generators don’t release toxins or fumes into the air and can prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Additionally, they can provide lighting during a blackout, which can prevent accidents and injuries when navigating throughout the home.
  • Convenience – Whole-house standby generators turn on instantly when the power goes out, providing electricity for your essential appliances & HVAC system. This can prevent loss of food, hot water, plumbing, and more. Portable gas generators on the other hand, must be manually started and can’t always provide energy to certain appliances.

Save Money Down The Line By Purchasing a Standby Generator

While the upfront cost and installation of a whole-house generator can be fairly expensive, the investment will save you money over time in appliance repairs & pipe replacements in the case of a storm. During the winter time, if a snow storm claims your power, it can prevent pipes from freezing.

Keep you and your family safe, secure, and comfortable during this hurricane season by calling Hybrid Air for your Virginia Beach home generator installation! To request a quote, contact us online, or give our office a call at (757) 436-3749.


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